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One of the (albeit much debated) famous statues in the world today is a much, much older, statue called the Kalpa Vigraha, a mysterious Hindu Idol discovered in 1959 when a Buddhist monk surrendered it to the American CIA.

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Stone/Marble Sculptures Art Figures for sale | eBay. This is a magnificent 1900's French marble statue of a boy wearing a hat, done by famous French listed artist Affortunato Gory,"Gori" 1895-1930.

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Made in the 1440’s, by Donatello (1386-1466), Bronze David is one of the most famous sculptures today. It is notable as the first unsupported standing work in bronze cast during the Renaissance period, and the first freestanding nude male sculpture made since antiquity.

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The statue was made from Parian marble and is believed by historians to have been built by the ancient Greeks during 330 BC. It is known today as one of the most original masterpieces of the great Greek sculptor Praxiteles and is currently housed in the Archaeological Museum of Olympia, Greece.

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Beautiful Marble Male Statuary from the Worlds Largest Marble Male Statue Designer, we have hundreds of custom designed Marble Male Statues for your every decorative or design need.

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This is a list of the most famous statues worldwide, past and present that already have articles about them in Wikipedia or are referred to or pictured in other articles.

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Our top ten famous sculptures. Purchase from our collection of Famous Sculptures. Most of the statues in this collection are famous Classical Sculptures such as the Statue of David by Michelangelo, The Thinker by Rodin, and Venus de Milo, Blind Lady figurines.

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Shop our categories are by popularity Busts of Greek and Roman Antiquity, Composer and Musician Busts, Presidential and Famous American Busts, Authors, Poets, Philosophers, Physicians Busts, Historical and Religious Busts, Animal Busts, Native Culture Busts, Other Portrait Busts, and the finial gallery is Hand Carved Marble Busts.

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Bronze Statue of Lady Justice - BS-1296 Sculpted from an assortment of colorful bronze finishes, this beautiful statue represents the Roman goddess of justice. Lady Justice holds a sword, a balanced scale, and is blindfolded to show her power, fairness, and lack of prejudice.

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