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Ozymandias - Wikipedia

Percy Shelley's "Ozymandias" I met a traveller from an antique land Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone Stand in the desert... near them, on the sand,

List of public art in the City of Westminster - Wikipedia

Image Title / subject Location and coordinates Date Artist / designer Architect / other Type Designation Notes More images: Statue of George III: Somerset House, Edmond J. Safra Fountain Court

10 Great Stories Behind Famous Works Of Art - Listverse

A bust of Lenin is not that amazing. There have been loads of them erected all over the world in the past century. It is the placement that makes this bust special—it is in Antarctica.

10 Most Famous Poems of the Romanticism Movement | Learnodo ...

Some of the best known poetry in the English language comes from the Romantic era. Here are the 10 most famous romantic era poems.

Statue of Egyptian Pharaoh lifted from Cairo ditch | Daily ...

Raising Ramses: Archaeologists lift 3,000-year-old statue of Egyptian Pharaoh considered 'one of the most important discoveries ever' from muddy ditch in Cairo slum

Marcus Aurelius: Life of the Famous Roman Emperor and ...

Marble bust of Hadrian at the Palazzo dei Conservatori. ( Public Domain ) Hadrian died in 138 AD, and was succeeded by Antoninus, who reigned till his death in 161 AD.

Venus figures from the Stone Age - Paleolithic

Venus figures from the stone age - Venus figurines is an umbrella term for a number of prehistoric statuettes of women sharing common attributes (many depicted as apparently obese or pregnant) from the Aurignacian or Gravettian period of the upper Palaeolithic, found from Western Europe to Siberia.

toyhaven: Union Creative mensHdge Technical Statue No.16 ...

Union Creative mensHdge Technical Statue No.16 - Metal Gear Solid V - Venom Snake

Alexander von Humboldt's 1814 "Researches" Vol. 1

C O N T E N T S. VOLUME I.: iii Advertisement. 1 Introduction. 35 Monuments of America. 43 (1 & 2) A Statue of an Azteck Priestess. 49 (3) A View of the Great Square of Mexico.


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